So you're doing marketing for a non-profit and you have a goal, you want to raise awareness about your organisation, you're looking to find donors for your cause - and you may think email marketing is over. Think again! Eblasts and newsletters are quick, efficient, and low-cost and strategic. A subscriber to your newsletter is worth 500 followers on Twitter!
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What lessons can we as B2B marketers learn from Peggy’s Pivot? As the virus sweeps through the world businesses are operating with reduced workforces, reduced order books, reduced profits and reduced revenue.
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The reasons people actually spend money on websites versus the reasons people should spend money on websites.
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How a mindset of helpfulness should be ‘Ireland’s leading’ marketing strategy
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People who say this believe that marketing is just a fancy/expensive word for ‘getting the word out’. As ‘getting the word out’ is not measurable, it’s ‘fluffy’.
When you create a non-profit organisation, you do so with a purpose. You have a goal, a message, and you know that it is vital for your organisation to get as many eyes on your message as possible. So how do you stand out from the pack?
Does your brand even have a personality? If it doesn’t you might be missing out on an opportunity to give your business a psychological differentiator.