Your goal is to optimise the existing business you have and grow it by having more of a presence.

You have different service offerings and you want to tell your audiences about them. But you also want to tell them about how you do it differently from your competitors. You know that people want to know about how you’re different, but you’re not really sure how to tell them.


So first you will need to spend some time really thinking about your message – the value proposition – it might start off as a few pages, but ultimately it will need to be distilled into one sentence. This can be difficult, but we can help you.

Then you have to figure out who needs to get this message – who are the audiences you want to reach – their job, their demographics, who they really are, their behaviours, their interests, where they spend their time, both online and offline. 

To help you clearly define the message and the audiences we will have a pre-production collaborative session from which we’ll build your strategy together. The strategy is simply the mechanics of getting your message to your target audiences. It will comprise the various elements of both online and offline communication, and will be devised in the context of your goals and your budget. Whether you choose a webinar, a podcast or simply some database management or email marketing, it’s your call. Before we start designing the strategy we’ll define your ‘why’, in other words, not what you do, but why you’re doing it and how it makes you different from the rest.

You’ll see that our rates card is in the form of a menu that details the various communication conduits. This is so that you can select from the menu depending on how hungry you are!